Marriage Prep

The only way to get the most out of something is to nurture it from the start-- prepare the soil, fertilize, and plant in the right place at the right depth.

The same is true for marriage.  To get the most out of marriage you need to prepare before you even begin to plan the wedding.

Marriage in the Raw is ready to help you start right.  We provide eight sessions that deal with compatibility, what you need to do about your differences, and the fundamentals of marriage.  We then coach you on how to implement your discoveries into your relationship.

Topics include:

  • ŸWho am I and Who is this Person I’m Considering Marrying?”
  • ŸEmbracing Our Differences
  • ŸWhy Marry?
  • ŸCommunication/Conflict Resolution
  • ŸMoney Matters
  • ŸIntimacy

Throughout this fun, interactive course, you will use on-line, diagnostic tools to determine compatibility and basic temperaments, as well as participate in one-on-one activities to help you prepare for this lifetime adventure.  This course will help you plant your relationship in fertile soil for a lifetime of enjoying the fruit of a great relationship.

There is no fee for this instruction.  Couples are, however, responsible for the cost of materials used (approximately $95) which includes online diagnostic tools and materials.